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Thank you for your interest in the Nicklin Ministries website. We are gratified that the lessons and the lectionary studies have proved to be a beneficial resource for a wide range of Bible students and preachers of the Gospel.

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The website is maintained and supported by the sales of our e-books and paperbacks. There are ten titles currently available and we expect to add further titles through 2013.

We would like our readers to consider the purchase of our study books both for individual value and as a group bible study resource. Most of the books provide questions (either at the end of each study or at the end of the book) which are designed to consolidate the teaching in a practical way.

Our desire is to increase and improve our website content and material, so any support you can give by means of book purchases will be much appreciated.

God Bless

The Nicklin Ministries team

Free to use:

Lessons, updated frequently, include automatic audio when each study is opened.

Lectionary Studies, updated weekly, for personal study based on the Church calendar.

To purchase:

For in-depth individual or group study of books or themes of the Bible the ‘Study Books’ pages offer books that get to the core of their subject. Available in printed form with links directly to Amazon and Book Depository UK or as instantly downloadable ebooks in Epub and Mobi versions from as little as £2.99.

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If you have any thoughts or comments regarding the studies and books on the site the Nicklin Ministries team would be delighted to hear from you. Do let us know what you think of them.

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